Technology & Services

Routine general dentistry services:

Preventive services for children and adults - X-rays, cleaning and sealants
Restorative services - Bridge, crown, denture, implant, cosmetic filling
Periodontal service - Gum disease treatment
Endodontal service - Root canals
Cosmetic services - Whitening take-home gel, one-hour laser whitening in office, veneers, bonding and composite fillings

Additional services:

Cosmetic - Whitening with Zoom and Kor Gel and smile makeovers (veneers)
Implants - New innovation for replacing missing teeth
Nitrous Oxide - Also known as “laughing gas,” this can be administered for your comfort
Sleep apnea appliance - As part of our concern for your total health, we can assist your physician in treating sleep apnea or snoring with comfortable oral appliances like the Silent Nite and TAP


Dexis Digital X-rays
Up to 90% less radiation than standard x-rays

Schedule your appointment online with Demand Force and receive confirmations by email and texting 

Laser cavity detection
A laser wand detects cavities early so more of your tooth can be saved

“Go Green”
Paperless charts and digital imaging create a green environment 

Intra oral photography
Allows the patient to see the problem areas inside their mouth

Our office includes
coffee fireplace toys magazines iPods
for you to enjoy during your visit.


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We strive for excellence in all aspects of our personal and professional lives by maintaining equilibrium between work, play, love and worship. We endeavor to know ourselves and maintain a healthy balance.

We pledge to know our patients to the extent that they are not merely patients, but friends. We strive to establish relationships based on mutual respect and trust with each and every patient as we place their concerns first.